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Making B2B Tech Marketing Truly Kick-Ass!

If you are brave enough to challenge the norm, we can help you stand out and increase your audience engagement.

Too many companies are just churning out corporate messages and campaigns with little to no thought about whether it's of any interest to their target audience.

In short, the content is boring and looks almost identical to their competitors.

It's time for change. It's time to disrupt tech marketing.

Channel Tech Marketing Team

Kick-Ass Content Marketing

We're on a mission to rid the tech world of crap content!

You don’t want content that has been churned out and adds no value to the reader or to your company. That kind of content just clogs up the Internet with jargon-filled white noise.

Our Kick-Ass Content Methodology is designed to provide you with impactful content that is issues-led, expertly written, highly engaging and fully optimised for SEO.

In short, it kicks the ass of your competition.

Kick-Ass Channel Incentives

Incentives can help you to smash your targets and build loyalty with your channel. 

But running them is hard. You need great data mining skills, the ability to update participants on progress and a way of fulfilling prizes.

Our Kick-Ass Incentive service does all of this for you, and much more! We'll create a branded incentive platform for you, analyse your data and update the platform, so your participants can track their progress. We'll keep you updated with regular reports and deliver the prizes to your winners pretty much anywhere in the world!

Kick-Ass Channel Marketing

Channel Marketers, we feel your pain! When a new product is launched the race begins to have your distributors and partners promote it, so you can start building pipeline fast.

Often, this happens with little warning, and you're under pressure to create a campaign and feature it on your partner portal ASAP!

We're here to help. Our Kick-Ass Channel Marketing team can spin up a campaign in a box, a webpage for your portal, and even web banners and social cards, at short notice.

Kick-Ass Digital Marketing

Website not performing as well as it should? LinkedIn posts not getting any engagement? 

Whatever your digital challenges, our Kick-Ass Digital team can help.

We've helped a distributor improve their website as it was running at a snail's pace. We've increased brand recall and engagement for an ISV on LinkedIn, and we've optimised a hardware vendor's failing website for SEO (after they'd been paying an SEO agency to do it for them for years!)

Data sits at the core of everything we do so you'll be able to see the direct impact of our Kick-Ass Digital Marketing Services for yourself, as they're always measurable.

Brands that trust us

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Is your Content Kick-Ass?

Want to find out if your content carries impact or just blends into the sea of beige never to be read again?

Send it to our team who, using our Kick-Ass Methodology, will conduct a Content Teardown to let you know how it scores. We'll let you know what's good, and what's bad and will even give you a few tips for improvement too!