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Six reasons to choose a small Thames Valley agency for your tech PR and inbound marketing

If you are thinking big for your brand, you'd be forgiven for thinking you also need to think big when it comes to adopting an agency. However, when you start reading the likes of Ad Age, The Drum, PR Week you soon see that it's the smaller agencies in the suburbs and cities around the UK that are winning the awards, working with big brands, and helping scale-ups become the household names of the future.

There are studies, roundtables and forums all debating the topic and it comes down to six things.

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So what is it they like about small tech PR and Inbound agencies?

1. Smaller agencies are passionate, they are accountable.

In a small team there is no where to hide. Your account team will take full accountability for the work and will drive you to get results. That breeds a passion for success.

2. Smaller agencies have to spend smart.

To run their own businesses and survive. This makes us lean and free from red tape. We consider all options before committing, seek out innovative new ways to do things and find new tools to deliver work so your money goes further. The more agile we are the productive we are for you.

3. Small agencies are nimble.

From time to time, clients (big companies especially), need to be able to switch tack to compete. But it can be hard when you have process and politics in the way. Small agencies don't have that challenge and are far more likely to move at the speed of the market. They are therefore a helpful ally when it's all change.

4. Smaller agencies are more transparent.

We get your budget is finite so we don't sit around working out ways to sell you more projects. Instead we spend 100% of your time delivering 100% of what you need. We also don't have all the process hurdles - what you see is what you get. You know there are no hidden costs.

5. Smaller agencies have niche expertise and play to their strengths.

We don't try to be all things to all men. It's impossible. We know B2B tech and the channel like the back of our hand so why start doing PR for consumer drinks brands? It's wrong for you and wrong for us. Oh, and that's another good point - we don't say yes to win the business and then struggle to deliver. We know what we are good at and we strive to get better, so you can be better too.

6. Small agencies are straight talkers.

Frankly, and in the nicest possible way, we don't have time to waste so we will tell you straight if something won't work. We like to crack on to get a job done and we want to ensure we always can to the best of our ability so we won't waste your time tiptoeing around an issue. We'll get straight to the point, and will encourage our clients to do the same. Clarity and honesty are essential for success.

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