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Five steps for B2B tech firms to boost LinkedIn ads

The Essential Agency 14-May-2021 13:48:45
5 ways to win at LinkedIn ads

Linkedin is a great social media platform for B2B tech firms!

With 6m IT decision-makers now using it and record levels of engagement during the pandemic. 

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Here are 5 easy ways to ensure your Linkedin ads get the attention they deserve. 

1. Follow our example and call out the target audience

According to LinkedIn, highlighting who your target audience is - for example by beginning the post “B2B tech marketeers” - can lead to a 19% higher clickthrough rate (CTR) and 53% higher conversion rate (CVR). 

LinkedIn recommends optimising your creative by experimenting with four different versions for at least two weeks and changing only one variable at a time.

How B2B marketeers can win on LinkedIn

2. Use a stat

When LinkedIn tested an ad with a statistic and one without, the one with the stat had a 37% higher clickthrough rate and 162% more impressions.

One easy way for B2B tech marketeers to win at LinkedIn

3. Better still, use a quote.

An image with a quote delivered a 30% lift in CTR versus the same image with a stat.

Ways to win with LinkedIn ads

4. Picture a person not an object.

In LinkedIn tests, a photo of a person generated +160% CTR and +289% CVR. 

How B2B marketeers can win with LinkedIn ads

5. Be mobile friendly.

It is well known that images boost engagement, but ensure they work on a small screen - 80% of sponsored content clicks come from mobile devices.

Best LinkedIn ad image sizes

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