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Don Hunter

The Importance of Video for B2B

Why video is important for B2B

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Why evergreen content still matters for marketing strategies

What is evergreen content? Evergreen content is content that does not go out of date. It generates consistent interest and search volume over time.

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Email marketing 101

“Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” Seth Godin.

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Nine ways in which Covid-19 has changed B2B tech PR

The Covid pandemic has increased the appetite for news and presented many with more leisure time to enjoy their favourite media. From a PR point of view, this should have resulted..

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Which metrics should B2B tech firms track for social media?

Most B2B tech businesses realise that having a social media presence is important. However, linking social media metrics to business goals can be a challenge. According to..

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Creating a content plan in 13 easy steps

Why build a content plan? Building a content plan offers a number of benefits: Taking a systematic approach to producing content means you are more likely to achieve your..

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12 factors to consider when choosing a B2B tech marketing or PR agency

Choosing a B2B marketing or PR technology agency can be daunting unless you have a background in one of those fields. Here we give an insider’s guide to the things to look for,..

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Is blogging still relevant for B2B tech firms? (Spoiler: we think so)

Claims that blogging is dead have been doing the rounds for a while. The argument is that nobody has time to read anymore. Even if they did, they would prefer to look at pictures..

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Five steps for B2B tech firms to boost LinkedIn ads

Linkedin is a great social media platform for B2B tech firms, with 6m IT decision-makers now using it and record levels of engagement during the pandemic. 

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It’s time to rethink how you measure the value of PR


Decades ago, the way B2B tech firms measured the value of a piece of coverage in a newspaper or magazine was by working out the cost in column inches of running an advert in that..

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