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Jack Embling

Account Executive at Essential

The Power of Video Content

Mastering Social Media Marketing

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How the web has changed reading behaviour and why it matters

Before you have read these words, it’s likely you have already scanned this page and picked out a few parts or headings that may interest you.

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FMCG vs Tech: is FMCG no longer the best foundation for marketing?

The FMCG sector has always been known as the place for young marketeers to start their careers, due to the success and high-profile status of the industry, however are things..

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Are images ruining your website experience?

Visual content. It’s engaging, it’s impactful, it’s pretty much a requirement for any business website in this day and age – but is yours actually losing you valuable web traffic..

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Leads, leads, leads

Almost all of our conversations with clients and prospective clients involves the need for leads. Whether it’s clearly articulated or not, ultimately what they are asking for, or..

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5 things they don’t tell you about LinkedIn sponsored content

Self-service ad platforms, they’re all the same right? Wrong.

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