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Sam Crowe

Is PR worth it during the holiday season?

Silly season PR - should you go for it?

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Factsheets v Storytelling

Factsheets. Love them or loathe them they are a staple in the marketing toolbox – especially in the world of tech. Used to highlight the importance of the thingimebob2020 they are..

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How do you blend humans with machines for successful marketing?

We've been debating in the office how marketing professionals can blend what they know in their head and their heart with what the computer is telling them. There is no doubt that..

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Inbound Marketing needs a team and technology approach

Every organisation needs sales. That's especially true for the channel, where success directly correlates with keeping people focused on hitting and smashing targets. However, as..

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Waking up to woke marketing? Is it for B2B tech companies?

Some of the world's biggest brands have caused waves with their recent 'woke' advertising campaigns, most notably Nike and Gillette. It's sparked criticism and plaudits alike as..

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The power of plain English in the tech sector: 9 steps to press releases that work

Press releases are an important way to get your tech news out there. Even so, plenty of tech companies fail to get results when they issue a press release. There are lots of..

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How much should you spend on marketing?

Finding your sweet spot A brand has very little chance of growing if people don't know about it. But knowing how much money to put into advertising and marketing your business..

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In-house PR or agency? The great PR debate

An in-house PR team is often a great way to get started on the PR journey. When you are small and finding your feet employing someone who can turn their hand to marketing and PR..

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