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7 steps to landing your Call-To-Action using tech PR

James Barnes 03-Sep-2019 11:38:13
Achieving backlinks, a great reward for your PR efforts

True or False? Tech journalists are unlikely to print a Call-To-Action (CTA) unless you pay the publication some money. Many people would say true. But with the right approach, it is possible to get a CTA in print using tech PR.

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1. Know your goals

First of all, you need to be clear what the call to action is and make sure you put it at the centre of your communications. Everything must hang from this single idea.

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2. Have one CTA

Note the use of the word 'single' in the step above. Don't hedge your bets and have lots of call to actions hoping one will stick. More likely you'll confuse and won't land any.

3. CTAs that are helpful or useful are more likely to be printed

CTAs that work are ones that are developed from a position of being useful. For instance a journalist is far more likely to reference a report with a link to your website, if they believe their readers will gain from reading it.

4. CTAs should engage people in your brand

Therefore 'pick up the phone and talk to us' isn't a call to action that will achieve results in the B2B world. Though it might be useful for someone to talk to you in the end, it's too close to advertising and it's the kind of CTA reserved for charity PR in the main (think excellent campaigns by Childline and The Samaritans).

You'll therefore need to build a campaign that gets people to engage with your brand in another way. Good CTAs are ones that encourage you to think about an issue facing an industry. For instance your aim could be to get people to download a report that sets out the future for IoT, apply for an apprentice scheme that addresses a skills gap, or write to an MP to influence change on a hot topic like IR35.

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5. CTAs are powerful when used in other marketing materials

PR is a very powerful way to get your brand coverage and it becomes even more impactful when it is coupled with an integrated campaign. That means sending an email to your prospect or customer with a link to the report you have launched, running advertising banners on the most influential titles, or hosting an event, and developing a landing page with case studies and other useful material.

6. Link your CTA with your core values for best results

Remember well crafted PR should always deliver your key messages - so make sure you use phrases and words that remind people of your values and your raison d'être. It will help tell the story as to why your campaign is relevant to the audience, and why you are the people to be championing the cause, and in turn why your CTA should be printed by the press.

7. Get help to deliver a CTA

Some campaigns are obvious, but more often than not they must be developed. If you are struggling to come up with a campaign idea that will deliver a punch then get input. Your customers will tell you what they would find useful, and a PR agency will know what the press wants and therefore what the sweet spot will be.

Above all, the advice is be singled-minded about the CTA and be brave because for it to work, you need to really go for it.

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