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Christmas Party 2022

Debbie McGowan 16-Feb-2023 10:30:00
team photo

Christmas Party 2022

Many companies have strict rules and regulations when it comes to their Christmas parties, but at Essential we were able to let loose and truly enjoy ourselves. Everyone dressed up for the event and looked fantastic! We enjoyed some pre-drinks at Sam's and then we hopped into the minibus to take us to the party.

We had an incredible time at the Hampshire Court Hotel and Spa, hosted by Best Parties Ever! There were bumper cars, a casino, a fantastic 3-course meal, a show, a DJ and a silent disco.

We laughed and danced the night away and made the most of the All Inclusive Drinks wristbands!! The donut wall and bacon sarnies at midnight went down well after we'd sampled pretty much everything the bar had on offer 😉

Here are just a few of the photos taken on the night: