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Kick-Ass Content Frequently Asked Questions

Debbie McGowan 12-Oct-2023 11:17:14
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Kick-Ass Content FAQs

Discover more about The Essential Agency's Kick-Ass Content with our frequently asked questions.

What is Kick-Ass Content?

Kick-Ass Content is content created by us that follows our Kick-Ass Content Methodology.

It aligns with the key issues your audience wants to read about.

It’s written in an engaging way by real people who understand your technology and your market.

It’s optimised for SEO so it can be found in Google and it comes with scroll-stopping social posts to help you promote it and maximise engagement.

Kick-Ass Content is content is high-value content that helps to position you or your business as being true industry thought leaders with your finger on the pulse.

In summary, Kick-Ass Content is current and talks about the issues your audience cares about; it is well written and interesting to read; it’s optimised for SEO and is properly promoted to get it in front of the right readers, resulting in better engagement from your target audience.

What is crap content?

In our view, there’s far too much below-par content in the technology sector. We called this crap content. It fills up our social feeds and clogs our inboxes. It is written with no purpose, goal, story or action in mind.

It is beige, bland and boring and we believe that it no longer has a place in the modern marketing mix and are on a mission to make it crap content a thing of the past!

We realise it’s often the result of overstretched marketing departments or inexperienced marketers lacking insight and assuming any content is good content. So we’re here to help. 

Why should I make my content Kick-Ass?

Because Kick-Ass Content delivers far greater engagement than crap content.

Because you can stand out from your competition who still produce crap content.

Because your readers want and deserve the best content possible from your company.

And because there’s too much crap content in the tech world already. It’s time to stop! 

What is a Kick-Ass Content Teardown?

A Content Teardown is a free service we are offering as part of our mission to rid the tech sector of crap content and help content creators make all their content Kick-Ass!

You supply us with a piece of content you’d like us to review (or a URL linking to one). We review your existing content against our Kick-Ass Content Methodology and give it a score to determine whether it is Kick-Ass or crap. We analyse it for its relevance, quality, SEO performance and all-round Kick-Assness. We’ll then present it back to you and give you a few pointers to help you make it better.

How do I make sure my content is current?

Current means that it deals with the issues that are currently affecting your target audience. You can discover what these issues are by reading the current news in your sector, tracking industry leaders on social media, looking at conference agendas and talking to your sales team about the conversations they are having with customers.

Writing current content doesn’t mean that you have to break news. Instead, you can add your unique view and perspective to topics and stories that your readers care about.

How do I make sure my content is engaging?

Write for your audience and not for yourself. Write with the reader in mind and aim to educate, inform and involve them.

It helps if your writing is clear, grammatically correct and well structured, but worry about those after you have found a topic that your audience cares about.

And whatever you do, don’t use AI!

Why is a call-to-action (CTA) important?

All of your content should inspire a response from the reader. A CTA helps direct them to the response you want them to make – usually to get in touch with you but sometimes to download a piece of research or a report.

Content without a CTA leaves the reader wondering what to do next – and most often that means they will do nothing or look elsewhere. Without a CTA you are wasting a perfect opportunity to further the conversation, collect data or even create a lead.

Read more: Essential's guide to CTAs

Why do I need the Essential Agency to help me produce Kick-Ass Content?

The Essential Agency’s Kick-Ass Content Team is made up of PR experts, SEO experts and experienced copywriters – each of whom has worked in the tech sector for many years. This team works hand in hand to ensure that every piece of content we write for our clients has been through our Kick-Ass Content Methodology to ensure it will create an impact!

Our PR experts monitor your industry for key issues and know how to spot a breaking story. They proactively bring you highly relevant story ideas ensuring your content plan is packed full of Kick-Ass Content. They are used to identifying potential content ideas and pitching them to tech PR journalists (trust us, that’s not easy!), so they know their stuff.

Our SEO experts know how to research the right keywords and phrases and how to ensure that we’ve included just enough of those to make Google happy without the reader knowing they’re there. Once your content is approved, they’ll provide what we’ve termed ‘SEO-ready’ copy, which gives your web team everything they need to upload your content and optimise it for SEO (H tags, ALT tags and other key SEO requirements).

Our copywriting team are experts at hooking the reader with a great narrative and writing high-value content in plain English that will engage your audience – all without the use of generative AI. They’re mostly tech veterans who’ve worked for vendors, or distributors, and know the tech sector and the channel inside out so they’ll be on the same page as you in no time. They’ll also write some scroll-stopping social posts to help you promote your content once it’s written.

In short, we monitor your industry for hot topics, write high-value content, optimise it for SEO, help you promote it and then measure the impact.

We can save you time and effort, take away the pressure of regularly generating new content and get you great results.

Get started now, book a call with us today!