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Factsheets v Storytelling

Sam Crowe 13-Jan-2020 09:53:59
The mix of storytelling with facts in your web content

Factsheets. Love them or loathe them they are a staple in the marketing toolbox – especially in the world of tech. Used to highlight the importance of the thingimebob2020 they are a handy tool for sales people – especially in the channel.

We produce lots of factsheets for clients and we understand why we do. But, they are devoid of one thing and that’s personality. Yes, they are branded but that does little to say why people should buy the product from you and what will it mean for your business.

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Storytelling v the facts

That’s why we are encouraging clients to take a different approach to them and find ways to bring to life the facts and figures in a way that is meaningful to the recipient.

That means telling a story. Storytelling isn’t an easy job – it’s a lost skill from childhood. But its importance can’t be understated. Connecting with people emotionally is what makes a sale. It builds trust. It says ‘I get your world, I get why you need this product and I can tell you why your business will change for the better with it’.

New approaches to factsheets for sales

There are different ways to do this when it comes to building a factsheet:

  • One is to use mini case studies of a client alongside the spec that show how the technology makes a difference.
  • The other is to have facts on one side and longer case studies on the reverse
  • In the absence of a case study we recommend clients highlight why they are the best company to deliver the product
  • Some factsheets blend all of the above

Show the value you bring to the sale

But whatever method is chosen, they do much more than simply tell you the facts. They sell you, your expertise, your experience and your heritage. It adds up to a powerful reason as to why someone should choose to place their business with you.

These reasons to buy are likely to become even more important in the future and wherever you can add value to a client, so they see beyond the cost, is where you can add value to your bottom line.

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