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Easter 2023 - Hoppy Easter

Debbie McGowan 18-Apr-2023 13:24:58
Hoppy Easter #AgencyLife

Hoppy Easter 

Easter 2023

Who here loves Easter!? The Chocolate Eggs,  Easter Egg Hunts and Hot Cross Buns - what's not to love!

AND *Shhh it's a secret* I have it on good authority that any sweet treats eaten on Easter Sunday have ZERO calories! #Winning

As with all our fun remote team activities, it all started with an email! 

...I usually do something with the team for Easter. We did Easter Egg cocktails last year which was very messy!!

This year I’ve found some Hot Cross Bunny baking kits  

I reached out to Craft and Crumb to see if we could have these Hot Cross Bunny kits shipped directly to the team and we were in luck! 

And so, with our packages ordered and personalised, I email the team with our Hoppy Easter message... 

Easter bunny has something special for you!

I won't give away too much, but let's just say that it involves something deliciously tasty!

The task was set and all we had to do was follow the instructions! Now, when we were treated to some extra special pancake mixes for pancake day we all enjoyed our masterpieces - although only 2 of us were able to hold out till Shrove Tuesday!

I am not sure we can all say we enjoyed our Easter-baked treats. For some our Easter bunnies became deer hooves or camel toes (can you guess which ones?) and some became bricks! Want to know more? Check out our gallery!