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What are the Key Benefits of Buzz Days?

The Essential Agency 26-Jan-2023 10:30:00
Clearing the view

How Creating a Buzz can Benefit your Business

We know that when you run a traditional sales call-out day, capturing all the opportunities generated by a large number of sales reps spread across the sales floor can be challenging. This makes it difficult to establish the opportunities that have resulted from the day and the true ROI.

To address this we created Buzz Days™!

Never miss an opportunity again! With Buzz Days™ we capture every opportunity generated on a social wall which fuels competition among sales reps seeing each other's results.

Buzz Days™ has been a resounding success for our clients, delivering granular visibility and measurable results. One client generated an impressive $2 Million in pipeline from running a series of Buzz Days™. The client was delighted with the results and declared that:

“Buzz Days™ really brought the partner sales teams together and created some healthy competition whilst they were working from home. Vitally, they also provided excellent visibility of the leads generated as Essential provided a report of all leads posted to the social wall so that we could measure and track the pipeline generated.”

Apart from the obvious key objective of wanting to build new pipeline, there are other advantages of upgrading your traditional sales call-out day to a Buzz Days™.  The benefits of a Buzz Day™ include:

Getting Skilled Up

As part of the preparations, we recommend the participating teams attend a sales enablement session to get fully up to speed with the product and service offering before the big day.  It ensures that salespeople can speak with confidence about the product/service, quickly identify business opportunities and field any questions with confidence which increases the number of opportunities generated.

Healthy and Fun Competition

The Buzz Days™ social wall encourages salespeople to log their activity throughout the day – because if it’s not on the wall then it didn’t happen! Seeing what their colleagues’ are posting drives healthy competition. Buzz Days™ create a friendly competitive, interactive and fun environment and real results.

Capture All Opportunities

Visibility is key because you can’t track opportunities if you don’t know about them! Participants earn kudos and rewards for recording their results, be it a deal reg or a webinar invitation acceptance. At the end of the Buzz Day™ we'll provide you with a full extract of all of the data from the social wall in a format suitable to import directly into your CRM so the lifetime return on investment from the day can be tracked.

Driving Short and Long-term Pipeline

With standard sales call-out days, there’s often a risk that leads fall through the cracks as they aren’t recorded. This makes it almost impossible to assess the success of the day.

Buzz Days™ remove that risk.  All activity is recorded on the social wall during the day and this can be turned into a pipeline report for tracking and reporting purposes.

The lead monitoring format of a Buzz Day™ removes blind spots, leaving you with full visibility into the short and long-term pipeline created.  

Building Vendor Relationships

Sales call-out days can be hit and miss, mostly due to the lack of reporting on activity.  With Buzz Days™ your vendors can see the activity and output in real-time on the social wall! This addresses one of most vendors' biggest issues with joint marketing activities - lack of ROI visibility. 

Buzz Days™ are also a great way of building strong relationships between partner and vendor teams that fuel further business growth long into the future. 

Plus, they are a fun and social way to create a connection between channel partners and the vendor. Whether giving words of encouragement or posting funny photos to the social wall, vendors can connect and keep the sales team engaged and motivated.

Saving Time and Effort

The Buzz Day™ solution for sales call-out days streamlines the follow-up process as all activity posted to the social wall is recorded and tracked with regular leaderboard updates.  As activity is tracked throughout the day, you will know who your star performers are – and who might need a bit of extra enablement training.

At the end of the Buzz Day™, a leaderboard is posted on the social wall so you can announce and reward the highest performing salespeople against the KPIs set. This keeps your rockstars motivated and builds up the competition for the next Buzz Day™.

At the end of the Buzz Day™ a comprehensive report of all activity and opportunities generated is provided to the key stakeholders, which can be used for immediate and longer-term pipeline tracking.

Want help creating a Buzz?

If you’re planning a sales call-out day then why not do something a bit different with our Buzz Day™ solution to incentivise your sales team to build pipeline, bring your teams together, generate momentum, achieve results, and have some fun! 

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