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Too many calls to action?

How many Calls-To-Action is too many?

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7 reasons why tech PR isn't generating leads

Improving lead generation is often a priority for tech companies, and many will turn to PR to help highlight new products or solutions, reach new audiences and build credibility..

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CTAs that cut through

Calls-To-Action (CTAs) are an essential part of the conversion path and lead generation process. To put it simply, a CTA is part of a story, webpage, advertisement, or piece of..

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Inbound Marketing needs a team and technology approach

There is no I in team! Every organisation needs sales. That's especially true for the channel, where success directly correlates with keeping people focused on hitting and..

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Quality versus quantity - PR that works


“I want to be in the FT”. Words a tech PR dreads to hear. It’s never an easy task to get national coverage and the FT takes a very specific PR strategy.

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The golden rules of Call-To-Action placement

For tech companies, creating valuable content on a website to attract visitors and establish credibility is crucial if you want to gain the attention of today's savvy customer.

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How the web has changed reading behaviour and why it matters

Before you have read these words, it’s likely you have already scanned this page and picked out a few parts or headings that may interest you.

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FMCG vs Tech: is FMCG no longer the best foundation for marketing?

The FMCG sector has always been known as the place for young marketeers to start their careers, due to the success and high-profile status of the industry, however are things..

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Waking up to woke marketing? Is it for B2B tech companies?

Some of the world's biggest brands have caused waves with their recent 'woke' advertising campaigns, most notably Nike and Gillette. It's sparked criticism and plaudits alike as..

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The power of plain English in the tech sector: 9 steps to press releases

Press releases, as part of a PR strategy, are an important way to get your tech news out there. Even so, plenty of tech companies fail to get results when they issue a press..

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How to build research reports that get coverage year after year

Creating research reports that get PR coverage year after year is well worthwhile. You only need to look at the success of FTSE100 companies, national charities and think tanks to..

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Inbound Marketing and PR must go hand in hand to achieve sales

How often does your PR team speak to the marketing team? Once a week, once a month, possibly never? Today, you won't achieve sales without it being a daily occurrence.

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How much should you spend on marketing?

Finding your sweet spot A brand has very little chance of growing if people don't know about it. But knowing how much money to put into advertising and marketing your business..

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Are images ruining your website experience?

Visual content. It’s engaging, it’s impactful, it’s pretty much a requirement for any business website in this day and age – but is yours actually losing you valuable web traffic..

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Leads, leads, leads

Almost all of our conversations with clients and prospective clients involves the need for leads. Whether it’s clearly articulated or not, ultimately what they are asking for, or..

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5 ingredients for a channel marketing strategy that works

If you've decided you need a channel partner marketing strategy then you'll have no doubt ring-fenced a sum of money to invest. While it may have been hard to persuade people to..

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Lead generation and quick wins

Building an inbound marketing strategy that generates leads can take time - time that more often than not companies or agencies simply don't have.  A traditional inbound marketing..

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Build it and they will come: the website launch myth

Does this sound familiar? You and your company spend a huge amount of time and money building a beautiful new website in the hope that it will attract and generate leads for the..

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What do we mean by Marketing Automation in B2B Lead Generation?

Let’s face it, Marketing Automation with the Lead Generation process isn’t anything new. But are we clear on what it actually is? How can it be defined?

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Demystifying tech: how to achieve cut-through with your PR

Have you had an idea shower today? Or perhaps you’ve tried to solutionise by taking a helicopter view of the situation?

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6 reasons why Google loves bloggers


What type of blog catches your attention? Do you like inspirational pieces? Or perhaps a personal, Q&A style article?

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In-house PR or agency? The great PR debate

An in-house PR team is often a great way to get started on the PR journey. When you are small and finding your feet employing someone who can turn their hand to marketing and PR..

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Man bites dog: the secret to writing perfect headlines

Nailing the perfect headline is a tricky task for any writer, no matter their subject or intended audience. We’ve all experienced brain freeze when trying to create a catchy..

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Why your content strategy is harming your PR

Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, is often credited with the line "quality means doing it right when no one is looking".

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How to power up your personas

The big question You’ve got a great product or service that appeals to a wide audience. That’s fantastic! But how do you define your messaging to meet the needs of all these..

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Why agile marketing is more than just a buzzword

The use of automation and AI in marketing is provoking a lot of debate in the office. Mostly it’s around the insight you can gather from data, the role of experience and gut..

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5 things they don’t tell you about LinkedIn sponsored content

Self-service ad platforms, they’re all the same right? Wrong.

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