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Happy Pancake Day 2023 - Flipping awesome!

Debbie McGowan 21-Feb-2023 13:44:53
Pancake Day

No other team stacks up...!

Happy Pancake Day 

Pancake Day 2023

It all started with an email...

...we usually do some kind of pancake day baking / flipping but I wondered if you could keep it a secret and find some amazeball pancake kits for the team... 

So, the hunt was on! We had to find something especially delicious - so we reached out to The Little Pancake Company to see all the glorious combinations - There were so many. Still, we finally decided on Triple Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Mmmm yummy! 

Once the combination was agreed upon, we added some special touches to the packages and challenged the team to be 'flipping awesome'.

Flipping Awesome

The task was a simple one... 

On February 21st, it's Pancake Day! And as you may know, Shrove Tuesday is a traditional day for using up rich ingredients like eggs and butter before the start of Lent. In the spirit of this, please start whipping up some delicious pancakes that you can present for a photo finish. (We are not making pancakes just to photograph them; we want you to enjoy them too – So please eat your fill!)

As it turned out, only a handful of us managed to resist the temptation to devour the treats. The deliciousness of the treats was simply too irresistible for most of us, resulting in their early consumption! 😂

Kudos to Jack and Marie for their impressive restraint - way to go, guys!

We are delighted to share with you the photos we have taken so far, but we will have more to add soon!