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A year on... making the most of anniversaries for tech PR

James Barnes 17-Sep-2019 11:17:35
Using anniversaries in your tech PR

It's now over a year since GDPR came into effect, and right now, 5G networks are all poised to move from trials to live. These events are all a gift for tech PR because the media is so interested in the many issues they address and raise.

Just before GDPR came into effect there was a real buzz from across the tech, legal and customer management press about readiness. And we are seeing a similar bow wave of activity from operators, manufacturers, network vendors, and security experts and application providers as 5G materialises.

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Anniversaries are a great hook for PR

It's easy to think that once something has gone live the news agenda will move on and that these stories will no longer be of interest. However, the anniversary of GDPR has re-ignited interest in the debates happening a year ago - what has it achieved, are companies getting it right, do consumers care? And we know that 5G will be no different.

It's therefore worth looking at the things that have happened in the last few years, relevant to your sector, and establishing how you could join the debate if it's a sure bet a debate will happen, or resurrect the debates if there are burning issues that are starting to emerge.

If your company has insight or research related to events that have gone by, especially if it uncovers something new, or experience that illustrates a new trend, then it's worth packaging it up for the press. If the hook is compelling the media will want to get the story out there.

What will happen is just as useful for PR

Similarly, there is value in looking ahead - Japan will host the olympics next year and the scope for stories related to communications, security, and broadcasting, to name but a few, are huge. Monitoring the country's preparations could help feed a message you want to get out there.

Timing is everything for PR to deliver

But what is crucial is you get your timing right. If you know everyone will want to join the debate then you need to ensure you are among the first to comment, and certainly be the boldest with the kind of comment you put forward.

In the same way, stories that relate to something that is happening in a year's time might be too abstract for main stream media. However, don't write them off, you will find that there are specialist titles that will be interested for their longer more in-depth features. And in our experience often a few well-placed opinion pieces have more impact than being included in news articles with all your competitors.

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Opinion matters

This approach to coverage is very useful if you are struggling for news to issue. Turning to your opinion and looking at what's happening in the future, or has happened in the past are great ways to deliver your message.

You just need to get the ingredients right - an issue that is relevant and important, experience and insight to support the argument, and a clear plain English summary of why finding a solution matters.

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