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What Defines Kick-Ass Content?

Patrick Brownlee-Smith 24-Oct-2023 12:06:17
What defines Kick-Ass Content?

What is Kick-Ass Content?

Kick-Ass Content adds value to you or your business through content that your audience wants to read. It is content that has a purpose and makes a difference. There is too much crap content in the tech sector – content that has been produced just because it was on a to-do list, that is written without a goal, with a weak story and without a call to action. We want to change that by producing Kick-Ass Content instead.

Kick-Ass Content is written with purpose and aligns with the issues your audience cares about. It is written by experts (real people, Kick-Ass Content NEVER uses AI) to engage your audience. And Kick-Ass Content is searchable and discoverable – you want people to read it after all.

So how do we ensure that we create Kick-Ass Content for our clients? By following the Kick-Ass Content methodology that we have established.

Monitor Industry Issues

We track the news in your sector. Trending topics, breaking news and industry issues. By tracking, we mean that we read the news, follow the key publications and journalists, check out social media, and analyse all the key search terms being used. We do all of this so that we know which topics will be of interest to your audience.

Identify Hot Topics and Keywords

What the market is talking about is one element, but you have to make those stories about you and so we apply all that industry knowledge to you and your business. We uncover the stories, opinions and expertise in your business that will create compelling content. We then ensure that we have researched the most important search terms for each of these topics so that your stories can be found.

Write High-value Content

Then we write.

Actually, that’s not strictly true. We will research, speak to your experts and plan before we write. This ensures that the final piece of content adds real value to the reader – your target audience.

Optimise for SEO

All of the content we produce is SEO-friendly. We want to attract readers to your content as they search the web. We want to ensure that we appeal to the right people and are front and centre as they search.

Create Scroll-stopping Social Posts

Even the best-written content, the most easily searchable content, needs additional support to be seen. Too often people dribble content out onto their social media platforms. We believe that your content is worth reading and worth shouting about. We create social posts that will make people stop mindlessly scrolling and see your content.

Promote Content

Then we work with you to publish and promote the content.

Are you not only using our scroll-stopping social posts but also getting your team to engage, comment and repost? And, are those comments and reposts bold and impactful enough to maximise content engagement?

Measure Impact

Finally, we analyse the results of each piece of content. Did it work for you and help you achieve your goals? And if so, what worked well and what could be improved?

And I said finally, but of course, it is not the end. All of the analysis feeds back into our monitoring and we start the process again for your next piece of content.

Is your content Kick-Ass? Find out with our free content teardown.