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Introducing Buzz Boards™

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Are your sales call-out days delivering a positive return on investment?

After the success of our Buzz Days™ solution, we used that framework as the foundation for Buzz Boards.

Designed with a focus on recreating the experience of a sales call-out day, maintaining the fun, high energy and competitive nature.

Our experience has shown us that sales call-out days are flawed. Only focusing on one element and only for short-term gains.

With the ability to capture any KPIs desired, Buzz Boards provide a flexible and tailored approach to achieving success not only for the day, but for the longtail pipeline also.


Redefining the traditional approach to sales call-out days

Sales call-out days have been a longstanding tradition in the industry, but they have not kept pace with changing times. 

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the channel, we have redefined the traditional sales call-out day! Working with our clients we identified that the traditional approach only captures a fraction of the results from the day.  This meant that the actual return on investment was not tracked or captured.

With our solution, ALL activity is captured using your branded Buzz Board, so that salespeople, vendors and distributors can see the results as they happen in real-time.

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How does a Buzz Board Day work?

Our methodology delivers longer-lasting results.

At the planning and preparation stage, we work collaboratively with our clients to optimise the day by aligning it closely with business objectives. 

The Buzz Board is the focal point for the day and is used by the sales team to log ALL activity via a form and display their results in a series of leaderboards, to ensure the resulting activity from the day is measurable.

Each sales team member can track their own activity and their position on the leaderboards. 

Upon completion of the day, we export the day's activities including emails sent and calls made (and any other KPIs we established) and upload them into your CRM. 

With our approach, you can track the true ROI of the day and identify future deals resulting from it, in the coming months.


A Buzz Boards™ Day includes

  • Complete project management
  • A planning and briefing call with key stakeholders
  • Customised Buzz Board™ including
    • platform set up
    • co-branded
    • leaderboard and form set up
    • participant user access with activity tracking 
  • Live chat to support the day
  • End of Buzz Boardreporting
  • Prize fulfilment
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