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Introducing Buzz Days™

Buzz Days™ are hybrid sales call out days designed to incentivise the sales team to build pipeline, bring teams together, generate momentum, achieve results, and have fun.

They centre around a social wall which helps to increase team engagement and competition – whether virtual, in person or both!

The social wall is the hub of the day, where results are posted, banter shared and where we track the team's progress to determine who will be awarded prizes such as ‘Most meetings booked’, ‘Most deals registered’, ‘Most emails sent’ and ‘Socialite of the day’.

Looking to run a call out day that works virtually?

We know it can be challenging when some of the team are in the office and some are still working remotely. Even more so if everyone is working from home.

Our Buzz Day™ solves this problem by using a mixture of video conferencing, email, and a private social wall. The result is a team that comes together regardless of location all recording their efforts on the social wall which gets updated with leaderboards to create some healthy competition. 

At the end of the day we capture all of the activity and provide you with a CSV file activity report so that you can upload it to your CRM and track the leads and ROI and monitor follow ups.

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Boost your sales pipeline

Proven to create pipeline

We work hand-in-hand with clients to agree the goals for the day that will drive team behaviours to meet business objectives.

To ensure the resulting leads from each day are measurable, we provide a comprehensive report of all the social wall posts recording details of the sales rep, the opportunity and the prospect’s name.

Since launching the Buzz Day™ solutions in June 2020 we have generated over $2 million+ in pipeline, $1 million+ in closed business and generated 140 leads for our clients.

Virtual Sales Buzz Day

What our cilents say

“The Buzz Days™ really brought the partner sales teams together and created some healthy competition whilst they were working from home. Vitally, they also provided excellent visibility of the leads generated as Essential provided a report of all leads posted to the social wall so that we could measure and track the pipeline generated.” Miranda Allen, EMEA Distribution and Commercial Marketing Programmes Manager, Palo Alto Networks

“The Buzz Days™ virtual events I have run with The Essential Agency have resulted in a positive outcome and exceeded the estimated number of leads generated. The partners that I have been working with have been very happy with the results." Maria Ferrara, Channel Marketing Manager for Western Europe, Palo Alto Networks

Buzz Days™ include

  • Support and guidance to ensure our client achieves their goals for each Buzz Day™
  • Project management including pre-event planning call to agree objectives, metrics and timelines
  • Attendance at the kick-off call on the day
  • Set up of private co-branded social wall for each Buzz Day™
  • Full moderation of the social wall for the duration of the day
  • Social wall technical support if required, to facilitate all users
  • Social wall activity monitoring and regular leaderboard updates
  • A comprehensive report in CSV format for import into the client’s CRM of all sales leads including sales rep, end-user name and details of the opportunity
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