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Channel Sales Incentive Health Check

Give your incentive a health check

We know there are a lot of things to consider when creating your incentive programme. If you’ve been tasked with running your first channel incentive or have struggled to run them successfully in the past then this health check is for you!

Book a 30 minute call with one of our incentive specialists who will:
  • Run through your incentive goals and objectives
  • Review these against your proposed strategy
  • Discuss how you are planning to analyse the data and work out who is due to get a prize
  • Answer any questions you may have to make you feel more confident in running your incentive

Book your Free Channel Sales Incentive Health Check now by filling in the form on the right.

Free Incentive Health Check

Reasons why you should consider
Channel Sales Incentives

To build pipeline 

Channel sales incentives are a great marketing tool to build pipeline, encouraging sales teams to:

  • Create deal registrations for new logos and existing customers
  • Bring forward deals and close them faster than originally intended 
  • Upsell new products or services.

To create lasting channel behaviours

With the right planning and objectives, channel sales incentives can improve product knowledge and create evangelists.

Empowering your channel to ask the right questions and position your products or services will enable them to identify and close more opportunities. 

We do the hard work so you don't have to

We’ve been running channel incentives for years and our in-house team can deliver an end-to-end incentive programme for you from strategy and concepts through to data analysis, reporting, communications, claims management and prize fulfilment. We can even provide self-serve incentive platforms for participants to monitor their progress and track their prize claims which dramatically reduces the amount of queries you have to manage (we can even manage those for you if required).

The future is our complete solution

Channel sales incentive programmes are about creating pipeline and lasting behaviours that have a positive impact on sales growth.