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Channel Incentives

Incentives can be a highly effective way of encouraging your channel partners and distributors to help you meet your business goals.

The key to success is making them engaging, updating them regularly and ensuring your partners know what they need to do to qualify for the prizes you are offering. 

This usually means you need to spend a lot of time managing the incentive. But there is another way. 

Essential provides a total end-to-end incentive management solution which includes everything from helping you to scope out how the incentive will run to dealing with registrations, communications, claims, prize management and reporting. 

Our configurable self-service portal enables partners to check their progress online and if there are any queries, we can handle these on your behalf.

End-to-end Incentive Management

Leave it to us. We'll do the work and you reap the rewards.

Concept Creation & Strategy

We work right to left, always starting with the end goal and then working backwards to launch. This ensures the incentive programme supports your objectives.

Our design team will then create stunning visuals for your incentive once the programme has been defined. 

Incentive Project Management

Once the concept and strategy has been agreed we'll take the stress away by managing your incentive end-to-end, keeping you regularly updated on progress.

Want weekly registrations updates? That's fine! Need monthly update reports by country? That's fine too! 


Communications with participants is key to success. We're experts at digital marketing and experienced with a number of email marketing platforms so can provide you with a ready-to-use kit of comms or we can do the comms for you.

We can support everything from a full comms plan to simply managing updates to participants. 

Data & Reporting

Data is critical to any incentive. But when it comes in so many different formats and files it can be a nightmare trying to work out what participants have completed.

Our team are experts at reviewing and combining data from a variety of sources including SFDC, CRMs, training and enablement platforms and even spreadsheets. 

Self-Service Incentive Portals

One of the biggest bugbears with incentives is dealing with all the queries from the participants.

Our solution is to create a secure, bespoke portal for your incentive so that participants can check their status themselves. These can be configured to display by partner, by sales rep and even by region. Want a leaderboard? That's fine too!

Prize Management

Our team takes the hassle away of verifying the claims and sourcing and fulfilling prizes. We track everything and share the tracking data with you so you can see exactly who has been sent their prizes and when.

We'll even deal with the queries from partners (you know, the ones who didn't read the T&Cs and are chasing up their prize within an hour of completing their objective)!

Incentives don't have to be hard to manage

Don't be put off by the amount of data you have to review, the communications you'll need to create or the number of queries you have to deal with. 

Incentives can be really effective ways of helping you to:
  • Create pipeline
  • Close pipeline faster
  • Increase enablement 
  • Improve mindshare with partners

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We'll provide you with regular updates and reports so you can get on with your day job safe in the knowledge that we've got your incentive covered. 

Let Essential manage your next incentive and ensure it's a success. 

Generating a sales buzz

Download our channel incentive checklist

Don't miss a trick! We've put together a handy checklist of things to think about as you put together your incentive plan. 

Download it now. 

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