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Your competitors are constantly courting your channel partners.

All these distractions have a direct impact on your ability to hit your sales targets and it impacts your bottom line.

The good news is that you can become their vendor of choice and smash your revenue targets with highly engaging channel incentives. With our commitment to simplifying complexity, ensuring a positive return on investment, and facilitating seamless partner transactions, your channel incentive success, is assured.

Introducing Kick-Ass Channel Incentives

The Essential Agency's end-to-end channel incentive solution is designed to enable technology vendors and distributors to deliver highly impactful incentive programmes quickly, easily and at scale.

  • Drive deal registrations, accelerate sales and reward partners for enablement. 
  • Enable partners to track their results in real-time via a branded incentive platform.
  • Fuel competition with leaderboards.
  • Deliver prizes quickly and sustainably to almost any geographic location via our local hubs.
  • Get detailed reporting to track engagement and establish ROI.

Our Kick-Ass Channel Incentive Framework

We know that running an effective channel incentive is hard. Often the sheer complexity of trying to analyse CRM and sales data can be enough to stop an incentive from ever going ahead. 

We start by working with our clients to understand what behaviours or outcomes they are looking to drive and with whom. Once we know this, we'll design a channel incentive programme to make that happen. This will include:

Discovery Phase

We review your goals and objectives to uncover the best way to incentivise your partners to achieve them.

Diving into Your Data

Data is key to the success of any channel incentive. We work with you to ensure the information required can be extracted.

Creating Impact

We’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd by creating an eye-catching theme for your incentive.

Tracking Success

We'll build a branded channel incentive platform so your team and your partners can monitor their results and elevate their performance!

Helping you Launch

With our comms pack of emails, social tiles, partner portal copy and email banners, we’ll ensure you have the right tools for a successful channel incentive launch.

Updates & Reports

Once live, we'll update your incentive platform based on your data, and we'll create management friendly reports so you demonstrate the impact the incentive is having.


At the end of the incentive, we'll provide your participants with their rewards, either via e-voucher or physical gifts, via our global rewards network.

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Channel Incentive Types

Whatever you're trying to achieve, we have a channel incentive to help.

Below are the four most popular channel incentives that consistently deliver results:

Sales Accelerator Channel Incentive

Sales Incentive Solution

Close more sales, faster! Activate your channel sales teams, accelerate sales of specific products and hit your quarterly revenue targets.

Deal Registration Channel Incentive

Deal Reg Incentive Solution

Build a solid pipeline and encourage your partners to register their deals. Increase the number of deals in your sales pipeline. Target new logos, renewals, new products or existing customer expansion.

Enablement-Led Channel Incentive

Enablement Incentive Solution

Incentivise pre-sales, technical and sales teams to get skilled up on your products and services to achieve your certifications. The more they know the better they'll be able to sell.

Rising Stars Channel Incentive

Rising Star Incentive Solution

Accelerate growth with your Rising Star partners through custom incentives aligned to your joint go to market plan. Reward enablement, deal reg and sales and establish a powerful relationship that will keep on growing.

Our Channel Incentive Packages

Essential Incentive Package

Kick-Ass Essential Channel Incentives

Run a short-term channel incentive to help you hit a specific target with your partners or distributors, across one or more regions.

Typically includes:
• Branded incentive platform
• Creative
• Comms pack
• Data analysis, updates & reporting
• Global reward fulfilment

Disrupt Incentive Package

Kick-Ass Disrupt Channel Incentives

If you're looking to gain market share and disrupt your space, then running a year-long channel incentive programme can help you to do just that.

Activate and build loyalty with your partners by incentivising the behaviours and activities across all the key roles including technical, sales and marketing.

Change your channel incentive requirements in line with your quarters to ensure you hit your targets and get your partners working more effectively to beat your competition!

Includes everything in the Essential package with quarterly incentive updates and multiple incentives to reward all the key roles.

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