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We're on a Mission to Stop
Crap Content

The tech sector is full of content that is below par!

Too many companies are churning out pieces with little to no thought about whether anyone will find it useful or even remotely interesting.

ChatGPT and other AI tools are making content marketing efforts worse.

Your audience is drowning in a sea of boring, jargon-filled content that adds zero value to their work lives and turns them off your brand.

So, what's the solution? How can you improve your content marketing?




Introducing Kick-Ass Content  Marketing

The good news is that while everyone else is churning out boring, beige and bland content YOU have an opportunity to create a content marketing plan that really kicks ass!

  • Content that aligns with the current issues your audience cares about.
  • Content that is highly engaging, tells a story and provides value to your audience.
  • Content that is fully optimised for SEO, so it can be found by your audience.

  • Content that includes a clear call to action.

Our Kick-Ass Content Marketing Methodology

At The Essential Agency we take a totally different approach to content marketing for our clients.

Here's the short version of our methodology:

Monitor your industry for hot topics

We track your industry to identify the key issues that your audience wants to read about. 

Write high-value content

Our expert writers will then craft engaging stories that position you as true thought leaders.

Optimise for SEO

Our SEO team will optimise your content and make it 'web team ready'.


We'll craft what we've termed 'scroll-stopping' social posts to literally stop those scrollers in their tracks, so they read your content. 

Measure impact

We'll use data to evaluate how your content is performing and the value it is delivering.


Essential Content Infographic

Our Kick-Ass Content Marketing Packages

Kick-Ass Essential

Kick-Ass Essential Content Marketing

Designed for SMBs or larger companies looking to complement their existing in-house content team.

Our Essential retainer includes the following monthly services:

• Industry issues monitoring
• Planning & scheduling
• 2 x 750 word content pieces
• 1 x 1,200 word content piece
• Optimise content for SEO
• 6 x engaging social posts

Kick-Ass Disrupt

Kick-Ass Disrupt Content Marketing

Designed for companies looking to make a big impact in their market and disrupt the status quo.

Our Disrupt retainer includes the following monthly services:

• Industry issues monitoring
• Planning & scheduling
• 3 x 750 word content pieces
• 1 x 1,200 word content pieces
• 1 x 1,500-1,800 word content piece
• Optimise content for SEO
• 10 x engaging social posts
• Plus, a quarterly report of website SEO score, keyword rankings vs competitors, website traffic and LinkedIn engagement

Kick-Ass Bespoke

Kick-Ass Bespoke Content Marketing

Designed for companies looking for a fully bespoke content marketing solution which could include a higher volume of content and/or support from our creative, digital, translation, SEO, video or PR services.

Contact us, and we'll create a kick-ass package just for you.

Become a Kick-Ass Content Marketer

When you partner with us, we'll ensure that your content marketing is aligned with the burning issues that are keeping your target audience awake at night.

You'll never have a content block ever again, and you'll get hours of content planning time back every month!

  • Our team will be monitoring your industry looking for stories that align with your solutions and key messages.
  • We'll work with you to rapidly craft an impactful piece of content that shows that your company really has its finger on the pulse.
  • We'll optimise it for SEO and give you a file that serves as a brief to your web team.
  • And we'll even provide you with several scroll-stopping social posts to help you promote your content on LinkedIn.

You'll feel confident that you are delivering the best content possible, and you'll be able to measure the results to prove it.


Don't just take our word for it, see what our clients say...

"The Essential Agency is my go-to team of experts. Thanks to them, we have an established and increased presence in our industry. Essential’s focus on creating the best content for us has seen our reach and influence grow massively. Their proactive approach to all of our marketing, confirms that they are the ideal partners for us”.

Digital Marketing Manager

Randy Provence
Digital Marketing Manager | StayLinked

“The Essential Agency has created consistently great content for us. It is always exceptionally well written, skilfully tells our story, engages our key audience and, most importantly, gets us results”.

Marketing Manager

Sitara Duggal
Marketing Manager | Balloon One

Want to find out if you have Kick-Ass Content?

Are you working for a technology vendor, distributor or reseller and finding your content isn't getting the engagement it deserves?

Our FREE Kick-Ass Content Teardown will assess your content against our Kick-Ass Content Methodology.

Our expert content team will then run through our feedback on a short call with you which will include tips and tricks to make it more engaging and effective.

No hard sell. Just friendly advice. What's not to like? 

Still have a Question?

Please read our FAQs on Kick-Ass Content Marketing.