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Content Marketing

Everyone knows content is a key element of every marketing plan and most people find it quite easy to get started. But how do you maintain a regular flow of content that is relevant and aligned to the key issues of your target audience? 

And how do you ensure that the content you create is optimised for SEO so that it gets found by your prospects? An effective content marketing strategy needs to be based on insights and keyword research and needs to support the buyer's journey. 

Content Management Process Flow

Insights Content Cycle

Not all content is equal. We create content for our clients based on insights identified by our PR and SEO teams.

This data-driven content helps to position our clients as thought leaders. It's timely, aligned to the latest key issues of their target audience.

And it gets found as it includes the keywords their audience is searching for, including those all-important robots that power the search engines. We call this the Insights Content Cycle. 

Topic Clusters

In addition to insight-driven content, we also help our clients to clearly demonstrate their knowledge around specific topics that they really want to be known for.

We do this by creating Pillar Pages which are detailed web pages that contain detailed information on a specific topic.

Orbiting around these Pillar Pages are a variety of supporting materials that all relate back to and support the topic on the Pillar.

Combined, this creates a Topic Cluster which is hugely powerful both for SEO, as search engines love them, and for website conversions, as they help to move a visitor through the funnel.  

Topic Cluster Example

Content Creation

When it comes to content there is almost an endless variety of formats that you can use. Having a variety of content is important as some people are visual whilst others prefer detailed copy.

What's important is that you include visually appealing, well laid out content that is accessible to your audience, whether on desktop or mobile. And  all of that content needs to optimised for SEO. 

So often we see fantastic content that just doesn't work on mobile or the lacks any SEO. This means that the investment made in creating the content is then negated and in some cases even delivering a negative experience with the audience.

We'll help you to create a range of content that your target audience will want to engage with that is also optimised for the search engines. 

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