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Kick-Ass Digital Marketing

We are now in a digital first world and digital marketing needs to be Kick-Ass. But with so much marketing technology available it can be challenging knowing where to start in selecting the right tools to use.

Whether your online presence is long overdue a refresh, your social engagement has waned, or your website isn’t generating the traffic you’d hoped for, our digital team can help. By putting the buyer at the heart of your digital marketing strategy we can help you to amplify your engagement to the level you truly deserve. 

Our Methodology


We'll dive into your data with a website audit, traffic analysis and campaign metrics to build insights that will shape your digital marketing strategy.


Combining insights gathered and your business goals, we will develop a plan to get you noticed and encourage your target audience to act.


We will resolve the SEO issues on your website, optimise your content and give you the tools to track and measure your SEO performance.


Our team is skilled in a wide range of tools, from design software and CMS platforms to marketing suites, enabling us to help your campaigns to really Kick-Ass!

Kick-Ass Digital Insights

Devising your digital strategy

To execute a successful digital marketing strategy that meets your goals, you first need data to inform your decisions, identify issues and opportunities and help you develop an effective content plan. Our digital insights service includes:

  • A full website health and SEO audit.
  • Analysis of website traffic data.
  • Analysis of Google Search Console data.
  • Current Google search rankings report for your target keywords.
  • An SEO fix list for your website.
  • Recommendations for improving your website's SEO now and keeping it optimised moving forward.


Insights to proved your digital strategy
Design - bringing content to life

Kick-Ass Digital Marketing Strategy

An approach to improve your long-term goals

Most digital marketing strategies focus on short-term gains at the expense of long-term goals.  Ours don't.  Our Kick-Ass Digital Marketing Strategy focuses on achieving sustainable growth for your website, complemented by short-term content initiatives that lead the way to your goals.

Using our data insights we:

  • Remove the barriers to your website being found on search engines.
  • Maintain maximum website health to optimise the user experience.
  • Focus on the buyer's journey from discovery, through to consideration and decision.
  • Give emphasis to your target keywords and increase their search ranking over time.
  • Help content teams deliver Kick-Ass Content that converts. 

Kick-Ass SEO

Optimising your content and making it sing

Why spend all the effort creating a great piece of content if no one is going to find it? Our digital marketing team and copywriters are aligned to ensure that your website content not only hits the spot in terms of readability but is also optimised for search engines (written for robots!).

We use industry-leading tools to identify the most relevant keywords to use and track these to ensure your website rises in the search rankings.

SEO isn't a one-off fix though. Just like your car, your website also needs a regular service to identify any new issues that need addressing and to ensure it performs at its best.

SEO, optimise the content on your website
Inbound Marketing

Digital Execution

A breadth of knowledge and tools

We live and breathe the Inbound methodology in our approach to everything digital. The formula is simple:

Get Noticed > Drive Engagement > Trigger Action

To complement this, we are equipped with a wealth of martech expertise that we can utilise on your behalf including:

  • Website CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, HubSpot.
  • CRM / Marketing Platforms such as HubSpot, Pardot, Sharpspring, Marketo.
  • The Adobe Creative Suite and content tools such as Canva and Biteable.
  • AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney.
  • SEO tools such as SEMRush and SE Ranking.
  • Integration and data collection tools such as Zapier and Typeform.

What our clients say

Here's what a few of our clients have been saying about our digital services.

"The Essential Agency consistently delivers, shows the highest level of performance, professionalism and dedication to not to only getting the job done, but doing it to the best possible standard. I can calmly and confidently recommend them over any other creative agency I have worked with in the past 12 years."

Kimberly Tee

Kimberly Tee | Maverick AV Solutions Europe

"I love working with Essential. They always get it right, on-time, and on budget. The team is smart, strategic, hands-on and humble. It's a pleasure to work with this agency."

Deborah Szajngarten

Deborah Szajngarten | Codecademy

"Essential are Essential to us. They are simply an extension of Team Treehouse and deliver inspiring, engaging, fresh content that wins us work with the right clients."

Helen Westendorp

Helen Westendorp | Treehouse

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