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Case Study

O2: Partner Engagement

The Challenge

O2 wanted to educate its partners whilst also creating some excitement around the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

To increase knowledge of the features of the Note 8, DeX and S8, we created a gamification campaign which centred around a quiz that was hosted within the O2 Partner Portal*. The quiz was designed to take the partner on a journey through the portal where they could learn the key selling points of the Samsung devices available, whilst also becoming more familiar with the portal features and functionality.

Partners were offered the chance to win daily prizes plus the chance to win the overall prize of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Partners could track their progress on a leaderboard.

The Challenge
The Solution

The Solution

We created a re-usable quiz application for the O2 Partner Portal and developed questions based on the new device. 

There were 5 questions each day and hints were provided for each question, so for example, if one of the questions was ‘What is the screen size of the Note 8?’ the hint might direct the partner to the devices page in the portal which contains the device spec for the Note 8 where they can find the answer.

At the end of the quiz on the last day there was a tie-breaker. Each partner that made it through to the final round had to enter a selfie and caption competition.

This was a really fun way for partners to try out the stickers feature on Samsung phones and get creative with their captions.


The Result

The portal saw a 55% increase in logins during the quiz competition period and a number of new users registered for the portal as awareness increased amongst the partners’ sales and marketing teams.

*The O2 Partner Portal is built on Essential’s Partner Portal platform and we host and manage the platform on behalf of O2.

The Result

"I really enjoy using the competition element as it helps with the navigation of the O2 portal and you also get to win great prizes! Over the last week I have discovered how useful the O2 portal can be for my working day, I have found so many useful guides which I have shared with my team."

Comment from an O2 Partner User

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