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Kick-Ass Public Relations

Public relations is a key element of any communications strategy – but only if it is done properly. 

Effective, Kick-Ass PR builds credibility, demonstrates thought leadership, and creates highly valuable backlinks that help with SEO. 

But not all PR is the same. Kick-Ass PR means no newswires, no advertorial, no sponsored content. Just high-quality coverage achieved by knowing your target press and the things they write about. We treat journalists as individuals, not as a name on an email list, and we make sure to get relevant, timely and interesting commentary from the great spokespeople our clients have.

How we can help you develop
Kick-Ass PR

PR services putting you on the map

Messaging that Works

Creating PR messages for your company so that they resonate with your target audience.

Case Studies of Your Successes

Impactful case studies that highlight the real-life benefits of your offering. 

News to get you Noticed

News that tells your story and highlights your expertise.

Owning the Conversation

Commenting on breaking news with insight and intelligence to get your name attached to the issues of the day.

Opinion on the Key Topics

Strong views and storylines on the key issues that the press want to cover, and your targets want to read.

Target media Features

Don't just wait for news, take proactive action to ensure you're included in relevant media features.

Working with the Essential PR Team

Ready to kick-off Kick-Ass PR?

Book a free consultation with us where we'll review where you are today, where you want to be and how you can get there. We'll leave you with some quick wins you can implement straight away.

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