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Public Relations

We believe that public relations is a key element of any communications strategy.

Effective PR builds credibility, demonstrates thought leadership, and creates highly valuable backlinks that help with SEO. 

But not all PR is the same. At Essential we pride ourselves on our strong media relationships and achieving quality earned media coverage for our technology clients. No newswires. No advertorial. No sponsored content. Just high quality coverage.


This is coverage that is achieved as a result of hard work, pitching in stories to journalists, helping them to see the angle for their readers or, if the journalist is a freelancer, giving them a story to pitch in order to secure a commission.

It involves knowing your target press and the things they write about. It means treating journalists as individuals, not as a name on an email list and it involves working with great spokespeople from our clients.


Here are some of the ways we can help put you on the map

PR services putting you on the map

Messaging frameworks

We'll work with you to create PR messages for your company that will resonate with your target audience.

Opinion / By lines

We can help you define some strong storylines to take to the press. Then once we've placed them we'll write them. 

Case studies

We can create and place impactful case studies for you that highlight the benefits of your product or service.

Press releases

We can handle the writing, press list creation, distribution and follow-up for your press releases.

Story hijacking

Think you could comment on today's breaking news? We can help craft insightful comments that will be used by your target outlets.


We don't just wait for PR opportunities. We take proactive action to ensure you're included in relevant features throughout the year.

Working with the Essential PR Team

Ready to kick start your PR?

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