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The Guide to Increasing ROI Through PR

Every tech business needs leads to survive. Many turn to PR to bring them in. However, it can be an uphill struggle if you haven't got the right ingredients. This guide will help you create a PR strategy that builds your company profile and generates leads.

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Inbound Marketing guide to generating leads

A Guide to Generating Leads

Inbound Marketing is a technique and process of attracting prospects to your website through a strategic combination of content marketing, email, SEO and social media. Find out what it can mean to you and your business in this concise guide.

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12 factors to consider when choosing a B2B tech marketing or PR agency

Choosing a B2B marketing or PR technology agency can be daunting unless you have a background in one of those fields. Here we give ...

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Nine ways in which Covid-19 has changed B2B tech PR

The Covid pandemic has increased the appetite for news and presented many with more leisure time to enjoy their favourite media. From a PR point of view, this should have ...

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Is blogging still relevant for B2B tech firms? (Spoiler: we think so)

Claims that blogging is dead have been doing the rounds for a while.

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B2B tech firms, here are five easy ways to get your LinkedIn ads the attention they deserve

Linkedin is a great social media platform for B2B ...

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It’s time to rethink how you measure the value of PR

Decades ago, the way B2B tech firms measured the value of a piece of coverage in a newspaper or magazine was by working out the cost in column inches of running an advert ...

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Silly season PR - should you go for it?

Twenty years ago before we had all become slaves to the internet, no PR in their right mind would have advised you to do PR in 'silly season'. If everyone is on holiday ...

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