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Essential guide to better CTAs

The Essential Guide to a Better CTA


A strong call-to-action (CTA) can mean the difference between a lost opportunity and a valuable lead. A CTA is an offer on a page that typically has a button or link. The offer encourages visitors to take a specific action, such as filling out a form, downloading a white paper, or scheduling a demo. But with so many CTAs out there, how can you make yours stand out and drive conversions?

Incentive Best Practise blog

Guide to Channel Incentive Best Practise


Boosting sales, growing pipeline, and improving partner skills in your channel can be achieved through Channel Incentives. While there is no specific rulebook on how to run an incentive program, our experience in managing these programs for clients has shown several helpful tips to consider when planning your next one.

Golden egg increase return of investment with PR

The Guide to Increasing ROI Through PR


Every tech business needs leads to survive. Many turn to PR to bring them in. However, it can be an uphill struggle if you haven't got the right ingredients. This guide will help you create a PR strategy that builds your company profile and generates leads.

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Inbound Marketing: A Guide to Generating Leads


Inbound Marketing is a technique and process of attracting prospects to your website through a strategic combination of content marketing, email, SEO and social media. Find out what it can mean to you and your business in this concise guide.

The Essential Blog

Your Year-end Review - Don't Look Back in Anger!

27-Nov-2023 10:31:56

Year-end Review Have you got your Christmas decorations up yet? Have you planned your Secret Santa gifts? What about reviewing the success of the...

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What Makes a Kick-Ass Channel Incentive? 

09-Nov-2023 09:53:24

Defining Quality in Tech Channel Incentives It’s all well and good to say there are lots of crap channel incentives out there in the Tech Channel,...

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Our Mission! To Rid the Tech Sector of Crap Channel Incentives!

31-Oct-2023 12:20:22

Rant Alert!

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What Defines Kick-Ass Content?

24-Oct-2023 12:06:17

What is Kick-Ass Content? Kick-Ass Content adds value to you or your business through content that your audience wants to read. It is content that...

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Our Mission! To Rid the Tech Sector of Crap Content!

19-Oct-2023 13:53:25

Crap Content - It's Everywhere Over the past year, the team at Essential has noticed that the quality of content in the tech sector has taken a...

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Kick-Ass Content Frequently Asked Questions

12-Oct-2023 11:17:14

Kick-Ass Content FAQs Discover more about The Essential Agency's Kick-Ass Content with our frequently asked questions.

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Channel Incentive Frequently Asked Questions

25-Jul-2023 10:13:37

FAQs about Kick-Ass Channel Incentives Are you looking to boost your channel sales? A motivated and engaged channel is critical to success in today's...

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How to Master Content Optimisation for Explosive Search Engine Success

11-Jul-2023 11:44:02

How to Optimise Your Content for Search Engines As a specialist in the tech sector, we understand the importance of having a well-optimised website...

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Create Irresistibly Valuable Content!

20-Jun-2023 13:58:58

Producing content that provides value to your target audience is a common goal among content creators. Yet, determining the specific factors that...

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What is Gated Content?

15-Jun-2023 13:07:54

Unlike traditional outbound marketing tactics like cold calling, social media ads or direct email, gated content takes a different approach. It's a...

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