Myth Buster 1

Myth 1 - I have to use techno jargon in my content. Myth Busted!

Desperate to create a new buzzword for your new tech product or service? Guess what, you don’t need it. Drop the jargon and create plain English content. Your audience will thank you for it!

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Myth 3-1

Myth 3 - National PR coverage is better than the trade press. Myth busted!

Getting coverage in national news is an amazing feeling. But is it really the most valuable destination for your content, or could sector-specific coverage actually be more useful?

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Myth 5 - PR doesn’t generate leads. Myth busted!

It is possible to get leads from PR. The trick is to get all of the ingredients right - clear message, great spokespeople, proactive campaigns to generate coverage and using coverage you achieve for marketing purposes.

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Myth 2 - The media won't include calls to action in earnt media

You've carefully crafted a killer call to action, but you'll have to pay to get a publication to include it, right? Wrong! Here's seven steps to bust that myth and get your CTA where you want it.

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Myth 4 - The press are as gemmed up on our industry lingo as we are!

The tech industry loves using jargon and buzzwords. So much so that the press knows what it all means - or do they? Here's why focusing on simple benefits is better than confusing your audience with jargon.

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