The Challenge

TouchStar is a well known brand in the telematics industry, helping warehouse managers run smooth and slick operations and attain optimum efficiency.

Essential was approached to help reposition TouchStar as a managed services company rather than a technology solutions provider.

The Solution

Essential designed a PR programme that would move the company away from product announcements and talking only of technology, to one that revolved around thought leadership.

We did this by writing opinion pieces that were of interest to the sectors TouchStar wanted to work with and placing them with the trade and vertical press.

We research trends and themes for TouchStar to comment on to demonstrate their technology and expertise, but we also work to TouchStar’s own schedule to develop marketing content to appeal to new and existing customers.

The Result

TouchStar’s ambition to reposition itself got off to a great start, with carefully selected industry professionals attending a roundtable event to discuss the new concept of the Elastic Warehouse.

The sales team also receive regular requests for copies of the white paper, which helps to open a conversation with prospects. The placement of by-lined articles has also helped TouchStar raise its profile with the press and it is now a contributing member of the ‘My Logistics’ blog team.


About TouchStar

TouchStar Technologies is a member of the Belgravium Technologies Group. TouchStar Technologies Ltd has been supplying turnkey data collection and mobile computing solutions for industrial and commercial applications since 1982.