The Challenge

How to find a fresh approach for a face-to-face business model during lockdown and rapidly promote new and existing solutions during challenging times.

Treehouse are experts at helping businesses, primarily in the defence sector, improve organisational effectiveness, collaboration and innovation through development programmes and executive coaching. At the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown, they had to find a fresh approach for their own business and devise new ways to offer their usual on-site, face-to-face programmes to their current and new clients, at the same time as adhering to the demands of social distancing and home working.

The Solution

Worked closely with the client to develop a new online service offering and the production of campaign assets in a short timescale.

With Essential’s help, Treehouse successfully set up and ran a series of free-to-join workshops aimed at an audience of executives who had, on the whole, never worked from home before.

To a very short timescale and working very closely with the Treehouse team, Essential:

The Result

Close collaboration between Essential and Treehouse working towards the same goal in a very short timescale meant results surpassed expectations

The marketing collateral and online workshops resulted in: 

  • 60% of sign ups attended. 
  • 85% or more of the participants said the workshops were either Very Good or Excellent. 
  • Two new strong leads of the business.
  • A trebling of website traffic. 
  • A substantial amount of new website content leading to a stronger web presence and a trebling of web traffic since January 2020.
  • Increased awareness of Treehouse on social media, in particular LinkedIn.

Campaign elements: 

  • 4 workshops
  • 5 landing pages
  • 2 blogs
  • 1 infographic
  • 1 video
  • 6 marketing emails
  • Lots of 1-2-1 emails
Campaign analytics:
  • 1979 page views
  • 28 LinkedIn posts
  • 15 Twitter posts
  • 2332 LinkedIn impressions
  • 4458 Twitter impressions
  • 864 video views
  • 101 clicks
  • 84 reactions

About Treehouse

Treehouse help organisations, especially in the defence sector and supply chain, to deliver new ways of thinking, innovate every day and develop their own set of tools that help make a difference to everyone involved.